The best place to move for the End Of The World

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The best place to be when the world’s end

I was travelling the Americas in a Jeep over the last two years with a peculiar secret mission: finding the best prepping spot to be for when the Titanic starts to sink [quickly]

The state of the world is pretty dire. The closer we get to the Blue Ocean Event, the closer we get from the end of the world as we know it. Everything is going down. We might have 10 years, we might have more, we might have less. I found myself through the trip, which, I guess, was the true mission to start with.

But I wasn’t oblivious to our predicament back in 2016 when I left Alaska: I didn’t believe it was going to be 202x something like Guy McPherson originally said, but I believed that the data was right: We are on a head on collision course with a global catastrophic event: Food shortage cause by drastic climate event.

So I loaded up my Jeep and went to discover the Americas.

D300 Nikon with eagle D300 Nikon with eagle D300 Nikon with eagle D300 Nikon with eagle

And that’s the places that I’ve been.

Panamerican highway road trip planning

Many of you have asked me on reddit: “how the hell can you afford to do this!?” I answered here, first 500 words. (TLDR: Truck driver)

We are luckiest bastards in the Americas: We got a Canadian or a USA passport. If you are Canadian, I would look into getting a big piece of land away from civilization and learn to homestead. Cheap land in Nova Scotia. Definitely the West Coast is the best in Canada. Anywhere from Prince George to Watson Lake is good place to be. Fort Nelson in BC is awesome. Northern Alberta is great: Most people consider themselves preppers. The community is incredible. The Yukon territory is a harsh place to be, for the climate is rough. I lived here on and off for five years. I do not recommend the Yukon for most people. The lack of sun in the winter is brutal. Dawson City is not the best place to be, despite that it looks great on a map. Keno City is the smallest, farthest little weird random town of the Yukon: That’s where I’d choose to bug out.

Alaska is awesome. Preppers everywhere. If you are american, forget about the lower 48 states if you really want remoteness: Alaska beats everything down south. But here’s the catch to my statement: A well prepared homestead in the lower 48 states will beat a van parked in Alaska any day. So in a way, Idaho and Montana are awesome for that. Colorado too. It’s just a matter of having a good setup. If you get the chance to get an amazing setup in Alaska, that’s gold there.

Over all of that, I would say that the community is the most important: It is possible to find some great community of brothers and sisters in latin america, but the mindset is different with my experience.

best place to be end of the world
Best place to be when SHTF in South America

Best place to be when SHTF in South America

Below: some random pictures of my trip

best end of the world place to be best end of the world place to be best end of the world place to be best end of the world place to be

The best place to be when SHTF

Canada: Yes, see above my comments. Central Quebec is awesome too. Check around Mont-Tremblant or La Malbaie. Underrated places. Manitoba is the friendliest, but not many trees (cheap land up north). Northern Ontario has so many good hidden spot. But way too many people in Ontario in a way. Saskatchewan is great. Northern Alberta/Northern BC are the best spots. NWT is for those who likes the game of life set at EXTREME DIFFICULTY. Forget PEI. New Brunswhick as good places, but not too remote. Nova Scotia is great too.

USA: So many good spots. From Utah to Idaho to Colorado. I’m sure an american could chip in!

Mexico: Forget Baja Cali, too hot. Southern Mexico is unstable politically, although I found a few hidden gems…There's great homestead that are NOT on the internet in central southern Mexico, made mostly by preppers in the 80s. You can find great community.

Guatemala: I am sure there’s some solid hidden gem there, but I haven’t met the friendliest people in this country. It’s rough.

El Salvador: AWESOME PEOPLE. Unfortunetaly, in such a tiny country, it is very hard to be off-the-grid and remote.

Honduras: Forget about it.

Nicaragua: Same.

Costa Rica: I disliked Costa Rica for a few reasons. The locals are really jaded towards white gringo (not without a reason) and everything is SO expensive.

Panama: Northern Panama is the shit. You want to be in a local town (mostly expats) called Boquete, Panama. Chiriqui area…Lots of people are there to retire and are getting ready for the end of it.

Colombia: Ah! Colombia! THE PEOPLE HERE ARE NEXT LEVEL AMAZING. Many young people hablas spanish, so it’s easy. You see…I would want to live in Colombia, end of the world or not. North of Bucaramanqua, I’d want to be there. In the south…many great places. Salento is incredible. Property is still cheap in many areas. A colombian friend will have your back till you die: they value friendship to the highest point. The only downside to Colombia is that there are still gangs in the country…I would avoid any places along highway 40 and 65. This is a good spot. Kind of a secret.

Ecuador: I have mix feelings on Ecuador: Incredible people, but because of huge influx of gringos in the south, there’s a Costa Rican-jaded feelings toward the white man. Avoid Cuenca like the plague.
Now. Ecuador is the prepper’s paradise. You have very remote place and beautiful small villages that couldn’t care less if the world ends or not. This town is sketchy af, so don’t go. But here is where it’s at. So many good place in the South! Just forget Cuenca, but keep your eyes open for homestead owned by rich European…This is a region that I’d be comfortable setting an empire.

Peru: Ah, Peru. I haven’t spent enough time, but I never really felt safe or welcomed in the country.

Bolivia: This is the hidden gem of South America. West of here. North of here. South of here. East of here. All explored. All loved. All already filled with preppers. Most people don’t know, but there are like 10 000 american mennonite living here. This is some advance secret knowledge, boots on the ground shit, so don’t keep that for you. Avoid southern Bolivia: too many criminals.

Chile: Forget northern Chile. Too arid. Southern Chile is the best. Check out Pucon. Here. And here. This is a sort of secret, extremely remote and low traffic border. Tierra Del Fuego is an island: which has incredible advantages…and terrible too. You are depended on the ferry to Argentina or Puerto Natales to get on the island. It also means the fuel needs to be trucked-in, same with food. Many expats live here. The nice thing about Tierra del Fuego is that you get a 8 months visa as a Canadian. You can go to chile for a year on a work holiday visa. The border controls are very chill in Southern Chile/Argentina. I didn’t go there, but I’m sure it’s pretty great off the grid and remote spot.

One thing you need to know about Tierra del Fuego: It’s very hard to go remotely without the cops coming to see you. The cops are very invading: there are control checkpoints EVERYWHERE in Argentina (took over 50 of em). Even to enter a national park on TdF, you need to register to a police checkpoint. If you are American/Canadian, forget about here. It’s very frustrating and totally 1940s Germany style national socialism thing. Forget about owning guns here too.

Argentina. Meh. Nope. I can see a good points on the map, but that’s my least favourite end-of-the-world country to be in.

Brazil: AH YES NOW WE ARE TALKING. Brazil. This. Around here. Around here. This island. Where I will be playing music as the Titanic sinks: here. The world can ends any day, as long as I’m in Brazil with local brazilian on a beach, I’ll have the best time ever. Which is exactly how I want to be facing Death itself: The happiest motherfucker, beer in end, dancing on some cheap latino music, with the nicest people on Earth.

Uruguay: I wouldn’t move here. Too small. Too expensive (fuel is 2.50$ CAD a liter. Something like $8USD/gallon

Paraguay: Never been, but the Bush family but many properties here. Looks like a good spot to be.

Below: View of the barrenland, NWT, Canada. Next picture, here, in Mexico.

D300 Nikon with eagle D300 Nikon with eagle D300 Nikon with eagle D300 Nikon with eagle

Above: A family cutting down a tree in Central Ecuador. Tombstone National Park, Yukon territory.

Best place end of the world Best place end of the world Best place end of the world Best place end of the world

Below: Driving in Chile. Next picture is alaska. Last one is the highway in Colombia

Chile, Pucon Peru overlander Chile, Pucon Chile, Pucon Argentina Driving in Colombia

Driving in Uruguay Driving in Uruguay Driving in Argentina Driving in Argentina Driving in Argentina Driving in Colombia Driving in Argentina Driving in Baja California Norte Driving in Argentina The Jeep in Tatacoa, Colombia Driving in Argentina Driving around Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Driving in BC Driving in Northern BC (Fort Nelson) Driving in Argentina Driving in Tierra del Fuego Driving in Ecuador Driving in Ecuador Driving in Ecuador Cooking in Baja California with the Solostove Driving in Ecuador Driving around Torres Del Paine, Argentina/Chile Driving in Ecuador Around Jasper, Alberta, Canada


There are many factors when it comes to get ready for the 2020s and 2030s. Proximity to clean, drinkable water is a big one. The ability to grow food year around is huge too. I rather be in a country where guns are legal to own. Bolivia is one of the best country in the Americas to be. The people are amazing: the mangoes are abundant, the fuel is extremely cheap, guns are easy to find, the country is very low in density and clean water is easy to find.

The worst country would be any of the central america country, such as El Salvador to Costa Rica. Northern Canada isn’t for everybody. It is possible to live from the land, but it’s hard work.

In the end, Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance, and I believe it applies even more to preppers. A proper plan in place with proper gear, even based in a less than favourable area of a country, will beat a lone wolf lost in Bolivia.

There are also legalities to think about: Baja California is easy to overstay a visa, same as Argentina and Bolivie, but I wouldn’t think of overstaying in Peru or Chile. Forget about over-staying in the USA or Canada.

The next decade will be wild, so choosing a spot to be before major events happen is a smart move.

I have my options and some good knowledge in the Americas (some 180 000 wild miles) - I will be fine. May this article help you think and act.

Good luck and see you in Brazil,


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