The Most Beautiful World
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the journey

The idea behind travelling around the world in a Jeep –kinda doing solo, but maybe that’s not my choice haha– is to photograph the world while it’s burning away. What was supposed to happen by 2100 is happening now on a climate level. Time is short, and I decided to live retirement in reverse.


The jeep

I bought a canadian Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited 2008. So far, I put 70 000 kilometres on it without a single issue. I drove through war-zone like roads, to volcanoes at 5000m using 85 octane to the beach of Baja or Brazil. So far, a true workhorse.


the photo gear

Well, I carried a Fuji X-Pro1, a Fuji X-Pro2, a Fuji XE1, a Nikon D800E, D300, D7500, Df and an Olympus Pen-F.

Only the X-Pro2, XE1 and Nikon Df are remaining. This trip is about photography, so camera gear matter.

Click on the link below to read more about my suggestion for camera gear.


the dude

I think of myself as a version of Christopher McCandless that did make it out of the Bus 142 and decided to pursue the most beautiful world that is possible.

I read a lot, and I discovered quite a few secrets that isn’t being taught in school, or really anywhere.

I wish someone would have wrote the blog post below (click on the link), so here it is, free, for you to change your world.

200 000kms + in 2015-2018, with various cars.

200 000kms + in 2015-2018, with various cars.