My friend Jamie and I in mexico.

My friend Jamie and I in mexico.

I am just a crazy human beings that quit my normal way of life to travel around the world in a Jeep.

We, as human beings, are creator of the more beautiful world – architect of the Reality. Changing the world is a bit of vague saying, so I’d rather say that I collapse quantum events wherever I go, crashing superposition of state into the most beautiful dimension. In other words, we are just casually surfing on the ebbs and flows of quantum waves.

Who’s the we, that’s a good question. I think it’s everybody that gets it, you know. We are the bearer of the Better World.

Thank you,

Jean-Pascal Remon

Above: Happiest man on Earth! New tires on the BMW!
Below: The JKU 2008 on Ruta 40, Argentina