One Life, Live it


One Life, Live it.

I have seen this four words motto on a Land Rover Defender parked at a local coffee shop in Port Elizabeth.

It resonated with me loud and clear.

It conveys a in-your-face message:

Life’s short for melodrama and bullshit.

And the underlining message is that this is your goddamn life, not a corporation’s.
It is your life, not your partner’s.
It is your life, not your employers.
It is your life, not your friends.

So listen carefully, for wisdom comes at you in the form of words –and god knows that words create reality–.

You are not here on Earth, in this dimension, right here and right now as a mere spectator – but as a creator: You are here to enjoy the gift of Life.

You are the carrier of the flame – carrier of the divine spark.

You are the god creator of the universe – you set the world in motion with words and actions.

You are called to be the ambassador of the most beautiful world. That’s a role that no organization, no goverments, no group can put a price tag to it or limit its significance.

Beyond everything, beyond what people think or say about you, remember that the stars in the sky remember you for who you are.

You are a children of the Light. Pure light, bliss light, beautiful life.

Among the myriad of stars dancing and twirling and swirling in a bright shimmers of hope, you were loved.

From that celestial love, you were created.

Carefully elected and chose to come into existence.

This kind of love create you: Not by accident and not for the son-of-man-to-die-for-your-sin-marketing-propaganda.

It was created so you can experience the essence of the Gods. Which, funny enough, is Love without boundaries. Limitless love. Blissful love.

This true divine identity has been so far forgotten, so terribly suppressed, that it almost sounds like woo-woo now in 2019. But fear not. The truth can be seen in plain light, if you read and pause and read proses. There’s a list of books that I put out right here for you. Pick a book. Go take a walk in the forest.

And remember this.

The universe tries to heal itself.
So whatever you go through at the moment might just be the universe trying to swing the pendulum back to a state of blissful harmony.

Where there is harmony, there’s unity.

Heaven on Earth is made when harmony of the mind and heart and soul begets unity. Unity is the harbinger of hope that stands in the offing of the dark horizon of life, to remind you to give less fucks, and dance well after the music stops.

Easter Island 2019 Easter Island 2019 Easter Island 2019

Above: Colombia. If you ever feel like you need a new start in life – move to Medellin or Bucaramanga, Colombia. It’s the best way to live life

Thank you for your read! Hope to see you back soon!