Ibiza to Mongolia!

One own free, untrammelled desires, one’s own whim...all of this is precisely that which fits no classification, and which is constantly knocking all systems and theories to hell. And where did our sages get the idea that man must have normal, virtuous desires? What man needs is only his own independent wishing, whatever that independence may cost and wherever it may lead.
— – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Game on! I decided to pursue my mission at all cost…Which is, apparently, overlanding the planet in a Jeep. So Ibiza to Mongolia roadtrip saw the light a few days ago!

My GAFF (Give A Fuck Factor) is at its all time low…I reached peak existence at 27 years old: Wealth, health, and success in every account. I read over 500 books in the last 3 years, almost 95% non-fiction. I got my finance in check, my health in check, my BMW convertible in the most beautiful place in the Americas, the most beautiful log house in a pristine and remote area of Canada, a Jeep Wrangler stored in South America…I got great friends, great food, great occupations, great projects. There’s no mediocre. I can only laugh at my life when I looked it back. I had all of my dream cars. All of my dream job save one (JTF2). All of my overseas trip.

So right now is a time of retirement.

I’m in utter bliss. This is it folks.

As Derek Sivers would say,
”What do you do when you don’t have to do anything?
Where do you go when you don’t have to be anywhere?”

I really want to start a visual school in Vanuatu, after overlanding Ibiza to Mongolia.

The only true power one has in the game of life is the ability to make choice.

Ibiza to Mongolia