Too young to retire.

Or is it?

I removed the front RETIRED license plate: Don’t want to put it in the face of my coworkers…low profile is best profile.

Eudaimonia: greek work meaning “human flourishing” or “living a good and complete life.

I’ll tell you what.

Retirement is way overrated.

I came to this conclusion.
27 years old is too young to retire.
No shit.

But like, I look around and I feel like I obliterated the young men of my generation: I drove, bought, every dream cars I could have thought of; I drove the entire Americas continent, from the Arctic to the East Coast to Rio de Janeiro to Santiago de Chile to Ushuaia; and my Ibiza to Mongolia is already saved up. I got everything I need in the material world.

It’s like…what else is there? Going forward is the only way. Starting an art school. Giving back to humanity seems the most appropriate way of envisioning the future.

I did the whole game twice and…It was a helluva fun time!

I need a change of scenery, maybe. The Yukon’s too quiet. Heck, my character got built driving through angry mobs at dusk in Honduras or single-handedly braving Brazil with a Jeep Wrangler.

I went to the end of my ideas and I realize that, well, what I truly love in life, is fighting.

I just ended one of the most intense three weeks of my life. I was deployed in a mine to get things ready before everybody shows up, that was the idea. I was operating at the red-line: from PR agent to secretary to environmental technician to compiling reports, to babysitting employees in need of their windex (we caught one guy drinking it…he and his buddies got fired pretty quick, it goes without saying). to play the mine supervisor when the official one went AWOL (gone drinking or so goes the rumours around town...)

I had the best time ever. It ended too quickly. But I’m heading back there tomorrow – there’s nothing else I would wish be doing then having a helluva time in the middle of nowhere in Northern Canada.

I explored a good portion of the planet and there’s only five things I really want to get done before time runs out:

1) Camping in the States that I haven’t seen yet.

2) Driving an Aventador while listening to my own jam.

3) Starting my own counter-insurgency VIP service in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

4) Throwing a random party in Ibiza

5) Driving my Jeep from Ibiza to Mongolia.

I wish I could join the Navy SEALs – I really want to measure myself up against the greatest man on Earth. After going through hell and chaos, I wonder if I have the right amount of the right stuff inside my soul.

Maybe that’s why I can’t retire right now. I know there’s some of it; I know somewhere, someone could use a wholelot of JP, be as a medic, a police officer, a missionary, a musician, a mechanic, an husband, a world-changer, a public speaker.

Unfulfilled potential is the greatest adversary to a quiet night of sleep.
When you know the arc of life grows shorter and the tick of the clock goes by unannounced, you might want to go harder.
This, this is such a time.
As the boat sink into a catastrophic climate change doom-scenario, it isn’t a time to sit back and play the piano quietly – that was yesterday.

Now the time is to go spread some awesomeness to the world.

Wherever that may lead.