X-Pro1: Better than X-Pro2?


X-Pro1 still relevant?

Colours are nicer than the X-Pro2 for sure.

So much to tell!

Let’s get at it!

The colour tones are nicer on the old sensor.
But that’s about it haha!

I could not shoot a wedding with a X-Pro1: The autofocus is too slow.
The autofocus on the X-Pro2 is light years away better!
The X-Pro2 is just better at everything! Better battery life, better controls, better sensor (overall), better menu.

If you can get a hand on an old X-Pro1, get it! It is still relevant in 2019! It’s still an eternal classic, with unbeatable SOOC JPG.

The X-Pro1 is meant to go down in history as one of the best camera ever made. You simply cannot beat the first generation of X-Trans sensor when it comes to straight out of camera JPG!

The XE1, X-Pro1 and X100 were born with this amazing sensor that produce the most pleasing colours for skin. Nikon, Sony and Canon can’t touch this, nor the latest Fuji.

The X-pro1 was a slow camera, but in the hand of someone that knew what he was doing, it delivered powerful result.

See this link for more reason why I was obsessed with the X-Pro1. Unfortunately, I sold it.

I’m getting a XE1 tonight, because I miss the old sensor too much.


Those colours cannot be beaten.

Those colours cannot be beaten.