Your Bridal Look, 101


Beauty tips 101

Pro-tips for your big day.

I always recommend a classic make up look for a wedding. Whether it’s a more “natural classic” or, “glamour classic,” classic is classic - It’s sure to stand the test of time.

Most brides wonder, when it comes to make-up for their Wedding Day, what make-up matters most?

Here you have it, my three most important make up tips for your Wedding Day. 

Beauty tip #1

Photofinish skin  -  flawless skin - every woman wants flawless looking skin - but rather than worrying about having a breakout the night before you’re wedding think about having no shine! - relax about your skin, this will help you to not breakout and change your focus from “I can not have a breakout” to “if I get a good powder I will have zero worries about having a shiny/ sweaty face.

How to achieve this is:

Apply your primer. If you have red tones you are trying to eliminate use a green based primer - if you want to eliminate orange tones use a blue based primer. If you find your skin is too yellow, use a pink based primer. This will cancel the yellow.

Foundation: Choosing the right foundation is all trial and error - to find the best foundation for you, try as many quality foundation/concealer combos it takes till you know - this one works great for you (assess the shade and that it is a clear match in its colour tone to your natural skin tone. It must also be the right consistency, depending on the condition of your skin you may want either a lighter or more full coverage of foundation. 

Shine proof powder - what’s worse than a shiny as heck forehead? 

Yeah,  you’re right there are way worse things. Truth is though, if after a million wedding photos are taken, you look at them and all you see is the reflection of the photographer in your forehead, you’re probably not going to be happy.

Don’t worry with an Anti-shine powder, it’s no sweat!  

Extra tip: once powder is applied to your face, and neck use a make up set spray to make sure it stays in place for the entirety of your Big Day & Night. 

Beauty tip #2  

100% waterproof mascara 

Yes, this is a no brainer, most brides know they will probably shed at least a tear or two on their wedding day.

To my research, some mascaras that claim to be waterproof, can’t or won’t hold up and should not be invited to attend the waterworks party of your wedding day. 

I recommend bringing some water to the make up counters, try all the “waterproof mascaras” use water and rub - which one came off the least? That’s the one!  

Beauty tip #3

Smudge proof 24 hour stay lipstick/lipstain. 

You might think it’s all about picking the right shade, yes, it’s important to pick a lip colour/shade that suits your skin tone. If you can rock a blue red and find your teeth too yellow, I suggest you go for that, as it helps to make teeth appear more white. 

More importantly though, finding a lipstick or lipstain that you know will 100% not come off while you kiss/eat/drink and speak throughout the day (which you are sure to be doing) is essential. 

Stains usually stay longer than even the longest lasting lipsticks and are less likely to come off. Therefore, I recommend a lip stain and to reapply a clear gloss over your lip stain if you like a high gloss lip look with colour.

Some lip stains stay better than others with a gloss, the only way to know for sure is to test it yourself. 

Use a white piece of fabric and press your lips against it once your lip stain/ gloss is applied. How much colour is left on your white cloth? 

Write the name of each colour by the print - if there is no mark try running lips side to side and see how much colour comes off.  

Once this experiment is complete you will know which lipstain/stick/gloss is most perfect for your special day. 

Extra notes:

If you don’t have time to go to make-up counters and try various make-up products...

I recommend checking make-up reviews online. Do your research, check buyers reviews, as well as magazine reviews.  Double check your research with more websites and more reviews. The more research you’ve done, the more you’ll be sure of what to expect from your product. Make sure it’s worth your while. This is not something to cheap out on or be unsure about. Anything you order for make-up, do it well in advance, if it’s not totally what you wanted, it’s okay, give it to a friend and head to your local make-up professionals. 

 Warm regards, 

Allison Paprocki