What is the end goal of MORE KNOWLEDGE? I had to ask myself that, cause I read well above 400 000 pages of in the last 15 years. Came up over and over with the same answer: The end goal is Love. Love love love.

It is something like that:

1) Love of the self. By that I mean: getting over one self. Seeing your self getting distant from the physical plane of existence

2) Kundalini awakening. Chakra opening.

3) Everything is frequency, therefore, music and dance are the highest form of love and lightness of Beings.

From more knowledge truly comes the Eternal Joy that Jesus was talking about. This Kingdom of God available right meow.

Knowledge is everything, for when in the know, nothing can ever affect you the same way. You feel that you are part of a cosmic play, an energy flow that exist only in relation with other things. You become the centre of the Universe.

Knowing is experimenting. Experimenting is the fulfilled of our lives on Earth, in this dimension. The goal of experimenting is the dissolution of the ego and the full-realization of the divine nature of our soul.



Jean PascalComment