A man of value

A successful man is a different beast than a man of value. A man of value will always be a successful man, but not so much the other way around, not all the time anyway. What is a man of value? It is someone that’s been winnowed-out by his attitude towards the storms of life. It’s the height of his mettle. It is the stentorian voice in the storm that calls out the vehemence for life. 

A successful man is a different character than what society conveys about them. He is untrammelled by the echoes of it. His polestar is his proximity to his awareness. He becomes a man of value by proffering despondent behaviours, those pushed by Society dark agenda. He becomes a man of value when he wring the hell out of Life. He becomes valued by his peer when he walks on Truthfulness instead of deceitfulness.

A man of value is part quixotic, part obdurate to his mission. It’s the only way he can achieve the impossible: for the shackle of death is the continuous day-to-day trite that looms over of the fretting man.  

The shackle of death is not what people tend to think of: it is not the constant acknowledgement of one’ self demise, but rather the absence of it. With the absence of a continuous Life/Death push/pull comes a heavy price: time wasted. Remove Death from Life and you successfully remove Life out of someone.

It is only by removing the proximity to Death that we can make a human being act foolishly. He will waste his time on nothingness, on insignificant things, on a satchel of bullshit, to put it bluntly. 

The man of value is free from the shackle of Death: He fought his own self, won, and came back to give something back to Humanity. He knows, he feels and he breathes the shortness of his own life. He knows that his life is not important. He is well aware that this life is the biggest joke ever. He will refuse to whirl down the path of Lies. He conscientiously chase Discipline in every way, for it is the path. He will lead a war of attrition towards laziness with all of his being; for laziness is the quickest way to indecency of being.

There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere. Mandela was a man of value – My question to you; if you are not here to build a better world, why bother?

Get over yourself and become someone valuable to society. Value and relationship: Money can’t buy those.

Stop playing a give-a-shit game. Get over the zeitgeist of your own entourage, and maybe, just maybe, start hearing what the harbingers of Peace and Truth sowed on this nascent land for centuries.

Let the kingpins do their work; get out of the way if you’re not here with us. 
The universe tries to heal itself.

The universe tries to heal itself at all cost, at all time, under any circumstances and over any barriers.

Seek at become a man of value.