Long-Term Review Shure SE846

Let’s get this out of the way – this is the best piece of technology you can buy today. I am not paid by Shure or anyone. This is an independent review. I bought them for $1350CAD for A/V store in Ontario.

Share SE846, after 6 months of abuse.

Share SE846, after 6 months of abuse.

I’m an audiophile, always looking for the best sound setup possible. I am listening to music everyday, sometimes for sixteen hours, sometimes for four hours. I listen to everything. Think about some weird artist. Yes, I know her. Yes, him too. Literally. That's what I do for a living. Driving and listening to M83, Darren Korb, yeah. Trentemølller, of course. (With that being said, surprise me ! Send me a text with you favourite rare artist)

The SE846 will make you cry of shear awe at the sound of some of the world’s finest artist. Try Yo-Yo Ma and the Goat Rodeo Session –Less is Moi and come back to me.

I bought them in August 2016 and so far used them for 2000 hours in ten different countries and twenty different situations. I used them as hearing protection on drilling pad in the mining industry. I used them for running, walking, jogging, cycling, working, dancing and singing.

The quality production is outstanding –I am not one to take care of my things, sometimes it is just impossible, while overlanding the world in a Jeep. So I buy the best and hope for the best. These SE846 works like day one. 

That’s all there is to say. I give this product 10/10 review.