Medellín, Colombia

Pronounced Mede-jin. At least, that's how I think it does. 

It used to be one of the most dangerous town in the world. 34 homicides a day. It is no longer the case, for everybody's benefit.

It won the Most Innovative City worldwide in 2013, and won the "World City" Singaporean award last year, in 2016. Well, what does that mean in real life ? It means beautiful and clean boulevard. It means green parks everywhere you go. It means a fast metro service throughout the city. It means Starbucks with fast wifi. 

I love Medellín. The weather is always perfect here. Not too hot, not too cold. Rainy, but not always rainy. Sunny, but not too sunny. They call it the City of the Eternal Spring for a reason. 

It's always Spring here. 

Tomorrow, I'll go visit Jardín, a small colonial town nearby. 
UPDATE: I never went to Jardín today. I rather worked on this.