And here we are in November...

All organisms require alternating periods of growth and equilibrium. Any person or system exposed to ceaseless novelty and change risks fallinginto chaos; but one that is too rigid or static ceases to grow and eventually dies.
— – Esther Perel

I left a year ago to live life on the road, not expecting the hardship at all. It seemed pretty easy: Drive Jeep to Argentina, ship to Europe, drive to Mongolia. My my my. How innocent was that. It was rather a drive into chaos : Seeing the despoliation of the planet affected me more than I could have ever imagined. Four months of sailing, driving, laughing, crying took a toll on my poor soul I needed to go back and contemplate on life for a bit. Nothing like the Yukon to do so. 

Life on the road is a period of growth. 

I will head back to South America in January 2018.