The fifty-five books challenge

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I wished someone would have told me about these books years ago!
Read these book (one per day ideally, and yes, all of them) and it is going to change your life beyond your wildest dream ! 

These books are the most powerful things money can buy. I cannot overstate the tremendous amount of power these books have.

Reading the books on this list should be the most important thing in the universe right now for you! If you are not yet enjoying the full bliss of life, if you are not in constant happiness... READ THESE BOOKS!

Am I overstating it ?

The biggest lie that the collective "we"  ever told you was that you cannot find happiness in books. Such a lie! Don’t believe me ? Fine! Just pick up the first book on this list and start reading. 

Reading these books will change your life. 

  1. The Ascent of Humanity – Charles Eisenstein

  2. Magicians of the Gods – Graham Hancock

  3. Dark Emu, Black Seeds : Agriculture or accident ? – Bruce Pascoe

  4. The Egypt Code – Robert Bauval

  5. Collapse – Jared Diamond

  6. 1491 – Charles C.Mann

  7. 1493 – Charles C.Mann

  8. The World Until Yesterday – Jared Diamond

  9. Prophets of the Gods – Graham Hancock

  10. Lost Knowledge of the Ancients – Edited by Glenn Kreisberg

  11. The Laughing Jesus(Religious Lies and Gnostic Wisdom) –Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

  12. The Shock Doctrine – Naomi Klein

  13. Sex at Dawn – Christopher

  14. The Story of B – Daniel Quinn

  15. A Language Older Than Words – Derrick Jensen

  16. Extraordinary Knowing – Elizabeth Lloy Mayer

  17. The Book On The Taboo Against Knowing Yourself – Alan W. Watts.

  18. The Biology Of Transcendence – Joseph Chilton Pearce

  19. The Worm At The Core (On the role of death in life) – Sheldom Solomon, Jeff Greenberg)

  20. Nature and the Human Soul – Bill Plotkin

  21. Iron John– Robert Bly

  22. Quantum Evolution – Johnjoe McFadden

  23. Wild Mind – Bill Plotkin

  24. Ishmael –Daniel Quinn

  25. Breakfast at the Victory (The Mysticism of ordinary experience) – James P.Carse

  26. Finite and Infinite Games (A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility) – James P.Carse

  27. Future Primitive Revisited – John Zerzan

  28. Sacred Economics – Charles Eisenstein

  29. Extinction Dialogue (How to Live With Death In Mind) – Guy Mc.Pherson

  30. Boiling Point – Ross Gelbspan

  31. Under a Green Sky – Peter D.Ward

  32. The Sixth Extinction –Elizabeth Kolbert

  33. Six Degrees – Mark Lynas

  34. The World Without Us – Alan Weisman

  35. The Geography of Nowhere – James Howard Kunster

  36. The Long Emergency – James Howard Kunstler

  37. Endgame of Civilization – Derrick Jensen

  38. The Wild Edge of Sorrow – Francis Weller

  39. Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor E.Frank

  40. The Millionaire Fastlane – MC DemarcO

  41. Blue Truth (A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex) – David Deida

  42. Radical Honesty – Brad Blanton

  43. The Wisdom of Insecurity – Alan W.Watts.

  44. A Guide to the Good Life – William B.Irvine

  45. On The Shortness of Life – Seneca

  46. The Untethered Soul (The Journey Beyond Yourself) – Michael A.Singer

  47. The Art of Communicating – Thich That Hath

  48. The More Beautiful World That Our Heart Knows Is Possible – Charles Eisenstein

  49. We Will Be Free – Graeme Bell

  50. Always Running (La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A) – Luis Rodriguez

  51. Kon Tiki – Thor Heyerdahl

  52. Tao Te Ching

  53. Two Years Before the Mast – Richard Henry Dana

  54. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy – Douglas Adam

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