Few thoughts

One of the reason I decided to stop travelling in November with the Jeep, is because I felt so alone travelling solo. I feel that I've done it way too much. I just can't travel solo anymore. I could not have driving another kilometres by myself. 

Life is meant to be shared.

I made 150 000kms of road trip around the world in the last five years, 135 000kms of time by myself. It's just too much beauty for a single man.

Beauty is meant to be shared.

I'm going sailing at the start of February with my two best friends from the North! So excited !
Barefoot on a sailboat ? 
I'm not sure if I'll ever do my dream of road tripping to Argentina with my Jeep.
Does it matter ?
Not really.
My dream is to be happy, to be a wedding photography in the South Sea. To be in the South Sea. 
Fuck paying for fuel. Fuck civilization. Fuck paying for insurance. Fuck for dealing in traffic.

Life is too short for that.

What would be the name of my new project ? Barefoot in the south sea ?
Sure, why not. 

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