Don't laugh. You would take picture of your pants too if you'd shell out $250. 

Don't laugh. You would take picture of your pants too if you'd shell out $250. 

I’m a end-game gear buyer. Why buying the second best when you can afford the best quality gear ? Sure, the Frallraven G-1000 pants isn’t for everybody. Just like diff lockers, chances are that if you buy it, you know why you need it.

Or be like me and buy them because you have no clue about what you’re doing. I’m kidding even a bit slightly.

The Fjällräven G-1000 Eco pants are bombproof. I couldn’t be more happy. As comfy as my pyjama and God himself knows how I do like my pyjama (cheap Wal-Mart cotton one). I’m unsure about the Eco parts of this pants: what is it ? 

Mosquitos resistant, 50 FPS protection, wind and water resistant, gaiter integrated, solid anchor point for a belt or carabiner. Stretching fabric and also quick drying. Zip vent on the side of the thigh and at mid-calf height. The left side has a zip cargo pocket under button flaps (anti pick-pocket), the right side has a button cargo pocket with mesh pocket inside (keys, small change, SD cards, iPod, etc.). Wait, there is more. There is an elastic adjustable gaiter to wrap your boots around, and even an anchor point for your lace.

In a Hummer green color, this pant is sexy as hell and might just be as useful as Hummer itself. With a pair of merino wool long-john underneath, it is feel likes heaven.

I have applied some that Greenland wax thing. Easy with a wood stove. Rub block of wax on a part of the pants so there is an even thin whitish layer. Bring pants near the stove (as to be above 60ºC), repeat. It melts and gets through the layer in about five seconds. My wood stove could be in a sauna haha.