Sacred Nature

We are enriched not by what we can possess, but by what we can do without.
— Immanuel Kant

I haven't posted in a month. I reached a [tipping] point where solo travelling isn't gonna make it. I can't do it anymore. Paradise is meant to be shared. Real happiness only true when shared. Yes.

Loneliness is the hardest peak to climb in my life. 

The current civilization of the last 10 000 years destroyed the environment physically and violated the sacred universe by doing so: It replaced what was once beautiful and elegant, once authentic and unique, by the now generic and the souless, by the material and the fake. Replaced the Infinite for the Finite. We replaced love by lust, compassion by hypocrisisReplaced real life adventure by fake scene on TVReplaced creativity by a boring canvas made in a chain factory of conformity.

What world have we seen that we liked better ? This is a sentence by Cormac McCarthy that stuck with me  for years. I have seen a more beautiful world where the present is our dance floor, a world where we can freely dance on the ceiling of our imagination. That is the world that I want to be living in.

Since when it is acceptable to judge a man based on the size of his binary bank account, his gold stack and his fancy car ? This is so insane. True wealth is infinite (generous, kindness, friendliness, literally any other way than physical wealth or status). 

Sometimes I wonder if the tears I shed about the despoliation of the Earth are just how the cosmos expresses itself through me, as if it and I were One. I know, sounds crazy. Are the tears mine ? Where is the boundary of Self ? I, the universe. Without me, the universe doesn't exist: I do not experiment if I am not existing. I am existing, fully aware of my sense. Where is the boundary of the universe ? I am fully part of it, and it is fully part of me. The map can't read itself, nor does it know what's existing beyond its boundaries. I'll go ahead and assume this: the cosmos cries, the bird cries, every single tree cries, sadden at our ridiculous self-destruction plan

We forgot it was all a game ! We forgot Love, this breath of life that made this world ! We forgot the sacredness of every living thing! We forgot to live ! We forgot to be human ! Where there is sorrow, there is a holy ground, wrote Oscar Wilde. It is through a broken heart that genuine love can be build upon. Maybe the Earth will rebuild itself with a new kind of love. The ground will be holy, sacred, with a soul. Maybe these tears are tears of hope for a better day. Maybe the universe is hopeful of this beautiful rebirth.

Traumatized people do not change the world. Fearful people live quiet lives. They do not bring revolution. They do not start a Lego Fun Club. They settled down, cast themselves in a mould of lies, a mould of empty promises. A mould of self-destitution. Actually, might as well call it a damned coffin.

Future's the present anyway. The more I fall in love with Nature and its beautiful, wonderfulness, awestrucking sacredness, the more joyful I am. The further I am from nature, the further I am from happiness. There is a direct correlation.

We are enriched not by what we can possess, but by what we can do without, says Kant. We are enriched by the infinite experience of this infinite universe, this Sacred Nature.