Alaska !

Freedom is the increased knowledge of what you can do without.
— H.D. Thoreau

This is it ! Finally done work! So now I should head to Argentina from Alaska, right ? Right...? Well, it is so hard to leave paradise behind.

Life is just so good up north. Just so good. How am I suppose to just go play in the traffic ? The idea of being in +35ºC, in the traffic, is not to pleasant.

I should leave one of these days. I retired yesterday, so it's all good. The only thing I have in front of me is time. Why rushing ? I am in need of rest, big time. Did I ever go hard in the last four years! I can afford a week doing nothing. Or do I...

What do I bring with me in the Jeep on this epic journey ? I don't know, I don't care. Give me Taylor Swift, let's put the top down, and let's roll. Rice and bean till Argentina. Why not. What is freedom anyway ? What do I really need ?

You'd think it is easy to just "leave for a trip". Well, no, it isn't. Not when you live in the most beautiful place on Earth. 

As we say, it is easier to talk about leaving for an adventure than actually leaving for it. I thought I was prepared. Noooooope. 

I guess I'll stop thinking, throw some money at the problem of tires (need of 33s), throw some money at the whole idea of bringing myself to South America until I reach Terra Del Fuego. 

Jean PascalComment