Dancing After The Music Stops: Spiritual Field Manual On How To Thrive At The Game of Life

Dancing After The Music Stops: Spiritual Field Manual On How To Thrive At The Game of Life


“And those who were seen dancing were though to be insane by those who could no hear the music.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

There is no hope; yet there is only hope.
True happiness is being re-united with the cosmos.
True spiritual gift is always free.
May this book be the first step on the palliative care of the soul for you.

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“Dancing on the upper deck of the Titanic as it is sinking is not reserved to the rich among us – actually, it probably belongs to the children of the light, those caring little about the monetary system, those wandering freely on Earth, knowing there is something more to life than we were led to believe. If reality is, well, real, then we ought to dive deep into it and experience the structure that composes it. Not understand, but experiencethe Game of Life. 

Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll loose. Make it no factor. You'll have to keep going forward. Your attitude will determine the quality of your journey on Earth. Sometimes,you'll have to walk away. Sometimes, you'll have to hold the line. Sometimes, you'll have to run. Sometimes, you'll have to hanker on to the lifeline cause that'll be the only thing holding you from falling into the abyss. Sometimes, you'll have to cut that lifeline and plunge to the depth of darkness itself to experience rebirth. 

There is no dying without living. This spiritual field manual won't tell you when to cut or hold on to that line – pointers and arrows are the only thing I can provide you. But when you have a proper understanding of the Game of Life, the physics and the metrics behind the scene, then it'll be a helluva ride through the galaxies. No, not necessarily easy. Believe me: You don't really want easy anyway. You want meaningful. You actually want to know why the hell you're dancing through the worlds as you go through your cosmic journey. That whyis so underrated yet so valuable. It'll be the anchor that conjures hope through the storm of life. “

– Jean-Pascal Remon, Dancing After The Music Stops


True spiritual gift is always free. If you cannot afford to spare a few bucks for this book, it’s no factor: have it by entering THEGIFT coupon at check-out.
The goal is to awaken the mass: not to make me rich or famous. Boddhisattva till I drop, and on to the next one.